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You've heard horror stories of movers packing without rhyme or reason with what goes into a box.  Let's avoid the scenario where a basket of onions was in the same box with toys and puzzles. (true story!)

We'll pack you with intent, labeling boxes so you know what's inside.  Not 'master bedroom', but ' master bedroom: socks, and nightstand items. jewelry box' because, yes, sometimes random items are packed together, but you need to know what and where they are.

*The client provides the boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and tape. We provide the expertise.

Pack with intention. We’ll avoid the Mystery Box scenario by labelling the contents of the boxes. (Note: While we do the packing, the client provide the packing materials. Clarify ahead of time if there are items excluded from our packing service).



Unpacking: Moving is stressful and a mountain of boxes is overwhelming.  Let us unpack for you!  We'll set up your kitchen while you can attend to your family and by the time the process is finished, you’ll be able to put supper on the table! On average, it takes 5 hours to unpack a kitchen.


After a move, who has the energy or headspace to unpack? Let us do it for you! Go directly from boxes to organization. Many clients love when their kitchen is set up straight away, which helps them feel settled in. Other popular areas to be set up are clothing, books, and playrooms.

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