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7 Tips for a More Organized Pesach

Here in Eretz Yisrael, we're a few short hours away from the start of the holiday, but it's not too late to apply any of these tips. If any one tip would be helpful, it's taking photos. Take photos of your kitchen TODAY (or after Yom Tov). Capture how the sink and counters are covered. Note which shelves and cabinets you used for food, non-perishables, and for kitchen items. Note where you stashed all the pre-Pesach things.

  1. Plan NOW for next year. The notes made now will be reused from year to year. Create a GOOGLE Doc called Items to Buy for Pesach 2024. As soon as this Pesach ends, update the title to Items to Buy for Pesach 2025. (A handwritten list is also fine to use). These are non-food items such as shelf paper, aluminum foil, specific clothing items, kitchen items, etc. At the end of this year, you’ll note what items need to be bought for next year, that you didn’t have this year.

  2. Create a GOOGLE Doc called Pesach Plan To-Do for Pesach 2024. As soon as this Pesach ends, update the title Pesach Plan To-Do for Pesach 2025 For this list, use a calendar and write out all the dates from now until Pesach. My family does a weekly plan, as we need flexibility. But use a daily plan if that works better for you. Example: Week of March 31 to April 6

Find Pesach Plan, Menus, and Grocery Lists on Google Docs

Figure out Shabbos HaGadol Plans

Start Cleaning and Organizing Bedrooms

3. Create a GOOGLE Doc called Grocery List for Pesach 2024. As soon as this Pesach ends, update the title Grocery List for Pesach 2025. Then next year the list will be edited.

How many dozen eggs are needed? Can of tuna? Boxes of matza? Also note what Not to buy, such as the family didn’t like a certain product or reduce/increase the number of items purchased this year.

4. Take Photos. What do the cabinets look like pre-Pesach? What do they look like after the kitchen is turned over? Where is the XYZ stashed? I have learned that relying on my memory leads to misplaced items.

5. Label everything. Label your cookware- meat, dairy, pareve. Label the cabinets-meat, dairy, pareve, chometz. Label the cabinets or boxes of non-Pesach items with the contents.

6. Pesach cleaning is not spring cleaning. Use the other 11 months of the year to declutter.

Small steps to accomplish this:

  • Geniza/shaimos can go out every Rosh Chodesh or the first day of the secular month.

  • For every load of laundry, cull items that are too small or damaged. Focus on searching for chometz and preparing for Pesach, not decluttering the home.

7. Set a timer to see how much can get accomplished in 5 minutes. This is a good technique to use especially when feeling unmotivated to get started. The timer can be adjusted by five-minute increments. How much folding/dishwashing/tidying up can I get done in 10 minutes? Listening to upbeat music can also be helpful.

Wishing you a chag kasher v'sameach.,


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