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Easy-Peasy Decluttering Task

I could write about the impending Black Friday and Cyber Monday: the perils of impulse shopping… where today’s purchases become tomorrow’s clutter…but instead, I’ll give an easy-peasy decluttering task where you can have immediate success.

Many of you reading this have email, or otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this post. Also, many of you have WhatsApp.

Email: Take a few minutes and do some DELETING. Delete old messages in your inbox. Then empty the trash. That’s it. The trash may automatically empty after 30 days, but there is something rewarding about clearing it out.

WhatsApp: For the WhatsApp folk, be aware that messages take up space on your phone. Clear it out. If you are in groups, such as school, shul, or community groups, the information gets outdated quickly. Yesterday’s ride share/ buy-sell-giveaway/ homework is old news.

Go to the three dots in the corner of your screen…tap MORE, then tap CLEAR CHAT. Done! I’m so busy doing this throughout the day that I haven’t counted how many messages I’ve deleted thus far. Since my last deletion, there were 101 new posts on the buy-sell.

Neither task involves heavy lifting, or light lifting (other than your index finger), and has instant results. Voila- you have successfully decluttered!

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