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The Aliyah Files #3: The Illustrated Guide to School Supplies

It’s time to shop for school supplies. This will be a brand new experience unlike any other back to school shopping outing you’ve had in the past. 1. the list will be in Hebrew. 2. you’ve now left the familiarity of Crayola products and paper folders. Whether you’re a new Oleh or have been here many years, here’s a visual shopping list created to assist in your shopping.

Pencil Case קלמר Pencil cases are zippered pouches of generally 2-3 pockets.

According to my son, the bigger the pencil case, the better it is because there is more space for the supplies. KalGav is a very popular Israeli brand for backpacks and pencil cases.

Glue דבק, דבק סטיק The yellow glue stick with the white cap is very popular. Most school require glue sticks more than liquid glue.

Pencil sharpener מחדד Many schools prefer kids to have pencil sharpeners with covers to catch the pencil shavings.

Ruler סרגל This kind in the orange sheathe is common, inexpensive, and made of metal. However be aware the corners are very sharp.

Pastel/Panda (craypas/ oil crayons) ציבעי פנדה, ציבעי פסתל. Remind the kids to keep these in the box and not get it on their clothes.

Crayons צבעים Crayola is generally not the brand you will be buying here, but you can still find them however plan to pay more than other brands.

Notebook (machberet-singular, machberot-plural) מחברות They come in standard brown, with colored covered, or with decorative colors. There are differing amounts of page and line spacing sizes. Used for all subjects. There are types of machberet used for math and English.

Binder קלסר Binders are slightly different than the US version. If you were to hole punch something, it would be for two holes instead of three.

An organizer with pockets that holds notebooks (machberot ) אוגדנית

A folder with 2 prongs תקיה

Flimsy plastic covers for a machberet עטיפות למחברת Flimsy plastic covers for a book עטיפות לספרים Basically, the options for covering a book are wrapping paper, wrapping paper with clear plastic on top, or clear plastic. No Book Sox. Whomever wants to import them will make a mint. Think of wrapping your books using brown paper bags in the ‘olden days’.

Books for Limukei Kodesh/Torah subjects סיפרי קודש

Books for general subjects such as math, English, science, etc. סיפרי חול

Assignment book יומן לתלמיד This one does not say ‘assignment book’ but there is generally a graphic picture and the calendar pages are on the inside.

Little pad of paper for notes פינקס קטן Teacher may use this to write a note to parents or for parents to write a late note. The assignment book may be used for this note writing communication. It is at the discretion of the teacher.

Scissors מספרים

Calculator מחשבון

Markers תושים

Scotch tape/clear tape/”Cellotape” סלותיף Tape dispensers are sold separately

Highlighters מרקר צבעים

Pen עט They come in multi-packs or individually.

Pencil עפרון

Eraser מחק You will more commonly find white and not pink.

White out טיפקס

Dry erase marker תוש לוח

Sticker labels מדבקות לספריםת Use these to label books and workbooks.

Page protectors נילוניות Get used to these plastic page protectors. They come in packs. Some are study and some are flimsy. It depends on which ones you buy.

The grand total PER CHILD for books and supplies = approximately 700 shekels.

Please share this link on your social networks. You might just make someone’s back to school shopping a little easier. May everyone’s family members have a wonderful and successful school year.

Many thanks to DS10 who wrote all the Hebrew and uploaded the photos to this post. Thanks for reading.

Karen, The Klutter Koach

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