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The Aliyah Files #4: Ditch the Warehouse Club Mentality

Warning! Warehouse club mentality is hazardous to your aliyah. Let me explain what this means. It means don’t buy in bulk or x-large quantities ever again.

THERE IS VERY LITTLE STORAGE SPACE IN ISRAEL. I REPEAT: THERE IS VERY LITTLE STORAGE SPACE. You may be used to basements, garages, attics, off-site storage, CLOSETS, large kitchens, pantries, etc. Reality: not here. In Israel, there is preciously little storage space. I don’t care what a great deal you got on your box of 5000 Ziploc baggies. Where are you going to keep such a monstrosity? Whoever advised that stocking up on large quantities of something before making aliyah is steering you in the wrong direction.

If you listened to my advice and didn’t do a Costco run before you packed your lift, great! However, once you’re here, you must alter your shopping habits. Aside from the fact there are no warehouse clubs, you must change your mentaliut. Read this all too common scenario:

“Look, Honey..20 bottles of Listerine because they were on sale!” (substitute any item in place of Listerine)

NO! NO! NO! Buy one bottle and maybe one for spare. Zehu--that’s it.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many Olim. A common theme I notice is the amount of overstock (especially with disposable items) the clients have. The client (usually the one organizing the home) is often at a loss of where to store all these items. Don’t let this happen to you! If you already have a stockpile use it up.

Another way to reclaim your space: consider donating some of your overstock to a worthy cause. When I re-home items for clients (any items, not specifically overstock) I have contacts who run Lone Soldier’s homes, girls’ homes, women’s shelters, and organizations that work with families in need. Believe me, there are populations who can highly benefit from re-homed or new items.

I cannot tell anyone what to do, only advise. Take it or leave it. No pun intended. Leave it.

Thanks for reading.


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