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The Aliyah Files #7 Got Tummy Trouble? What OTC meds can you take for relief?

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

The topic of the Aliyah Files #6 was OTC medications for pain relief and sinus. To continue with the OTC medication theme here are products for relief of diarrhea, gas, and other tummy troubles. May you not need any of them and if you do, may you have quick relief of symptoms!

Gas X / Simethicone = Gazim X

Miralax=Perglax Neutral

Imodium = Stop It


Pepto Bismol = Kalbeten

Electrolytes (Pedialyte) = Hydro Add



L. X. Care =used for constipation

A shout out to Arthur Jacobs of Arthur’s Natural Pharmacy in Ramat Bet Shemesh for allowing me to photograph the merchandise. A word from Arthur “In addition to these products there are different kinds of probiotics. Probiotics aren’t created equal so you should know which one helps your particular ailment.”

So here you have it…tummy trouble OTC products. My disclaimer is to always consult a trained medical practitioner when needed and read the leaflet insert on dosing instructions.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Karen, aka The Klutter Koach

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