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The Clothing Blues, a Lamentation Poem on Tisha B'Av

Clothes in your closet

Clothes on the floor and clothes on "the chair"

A mountain of laundry

No flat surface is bare

What's still in the closet

Clothes too big or too small,

Those that don't flatter or don't like at all

Once the washers start with load number one

They will be going and going until it's all done

Time to launder, sort, and purge

Keep your favorites, ditch the rest

Only keep what makes you feel best

You can do it, please do try.

However if the thought of this makes you cry,

Then call Karen and she will go

Over to you and make a show,

Of showing you just what to do

That your shall no longer be feeling blue

You will smile

And be happy too

As your closet will be as good as new

Organized from the inside out, you will be glad and happily shout

So b'ezrat Hashem next year we will be joyously celebrating on this day, and no longer need to chase the 9-days laundry blues away

Karen Furman, The Klutter Koach

July 27, 2023, ט’ אב תשפ’’ג

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