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Favorite Coffee Mug

I fathom to guess that if you’re reading this, you may be a coffee aficionado. Or perhaps you prefer tea, cocoa, or cider as your hot beverage of choice.

I also fathom to guess you have a favorite mug or two. Or even three. These are the mugs that get used over and over. There could be a chip or a hairline crack, but it’s a favorite, regardless of the imperfections.

My favorite mug was bought in a Baltimore bookstore and it’s been my morning companion circa 15 years. It’s a quaint drawing of the little shops of the lower east side of New York from the pickle shop to the hosiery store and I find it quite charming. Truth be told, the original mug actually came to a sad demise, similar to the Humpty Dumpty saga, but Baruch Hashem, the shop had another one in stock, and the replacement has been in almost daily use since.

Isn’t it interesting how one’s day is so much better when you get to use your favorite mug?

I’m taking the liberty to presume there are many coffee mugs in the back of your cabinet that never see the light of day. Pour yourself a cuppa, and once you’ve caffeinated sufficiently, take a few minutes to weed out aka declutter your non-favorite mugs. I could sing the praises of why decluttering is good for the soul, but on a practical level, you’ve made it easier to put your favorite mugs away.

To leave you, dear readers, with a quote ” You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy coffee, and that’s the same kind of thing.”

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